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sometimes i write things

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hi my name is shido uwu sometimes i write otps
and sometimes i draw dumb things and sometimes both -3-
feel free to ask shit and talk owo/

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:iconimsotiredplz:me again
well okay so i was thinking on this for a while like a while
and i have decided im gonna redo halcyon days over -u-
i know ur all thinking "but shido why ??????? its such a gr8 thing !!" which im probably wrong about that part BUT 
well u all see i started that a while back when i first started writing and i honestly look back on it and smh plus i hardly ever update it like at all im sososos lost :iconoelplz:

so yes im just gonna go delete the folder and devations and such but dont worry im going to rewrite it with all my thoughts 2gether and everything is more organized and such ouo so look forward to a hopefully better written Halcyon days uwu

ok later
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wowow i m soso sorry for being sooo inactive on here ill try to be a bit more alive ;3; idk when ill update next  and i have a lot of replies and comments to answer im soso sorry ilu all 
bleh by Shido-chan99
StellaMuffins tagged me in this selfie war so here u go uwu
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:iconblushplz: heres my ugly brace face nerd 
    She always liked mornings the best. It was when the rain only did a heavy drizzle, rather than pouring rain as it did the rest of the day. Small rays of sunlight shined through the heavy clouds, brightening the beautiful garden outside of the young lady's apartment building. The small droplets of the rain the night before dripped off the roof of the building, dripping onto the top of the her head. It only made her giggle and smile at the refreshing feel of the cool water on her skin.

    Leaf smiled at the warmth of the air, and the fresh smell of the morning dew on the flowers and grass. The air was still heavy with water, without doubt, but something about seeing dashes of the sun here and there brought smiles on everyone's face. It was one of the few times where they actually saw the sun. Two butterflies danced and fluttered through the air, landing on some of the tulips in the garden. 

    "Today feels like a good day." She mumbled to herself, before snapping out her old parasol, lifting it above her head, she made sure her bag and all her books were in check, before stepping her foot over the puddle the welcome mat outside was drowned in, and began to make her way down the busy street, smiling as she passed all the colorful umbrellas on the way.


    When Leaf said, "Maybe it would be a bad idea to eat in the rain," this is exactly not what she had in mind.

    Not that it was an idea at all, in fact, she was trying to revert away from the terrible idea her friend had. The four girls sat on the roof, on the only dry piece of concrete they could find, eating their lunches, and Leaf started to wonder how many of their necks hurt, seeing how they made a genius plan to make a small fort out of their umbrellas.

    "When I said that the rain would soak out food and clothes, this isn't exactly..." She didn't even bother finishing her sentence, bringing her legs in closer to avoid the pouring rain, Leaf sat in complete and utter discomfort under her torn parasol. the tips of her shoes and leg warmers were getting soaked to the bone, seeing how the pale red umbrella only extended so far before it stopped shielding them.

    It was midday there, yet not a single ray of sunlight shined through, and the air was dripping with cold dampness rather than dry heat the rest of the world got. Only the small arrangement of 3 colorful umbrellas was huddled in the corner of the roof of the school, one, an abstract, colorful design of yellow and blue, with green lined on the edges. The second, was a colorful design of red and purple lilies, pretty green leaves sprouting from under them.  

    "What? I felt like eating on the roof today." Leaf's best friend broke her out of her thinking state, making the girl look up, before realizing her food was getting cold, quickly taking a bite of her sandwich, sighing when her foot bumped the handle of her parasol, taking the time to fix and adjust it again. "White, we look like three idiots sitting on a water soaked roof huddled in a pillow fort of umbrellas." Just the thought of the ridiculous sentence brought a smile to her pink lips, trying to hold back a giggle at the ridiculous expression covering her best friends face.

    "Hey, Leafy, take it from me alright," White's mouth stretched downward into an unbecoming scowl, her eyes narrowing, and her brow furrowed, an irritated expression on her face. "It's better to eat up here, than in that damn classroom, being nagged every minute. 'Do your homework, Miss White. Make sure you hit the word count, Miss White. Stop making fun of my hair, Miss White!'" Just the fact that she decided to mock their math teacher made the two girls laugh, but adding the ridiculously low, goofy voice to it just fueled their laughter.

    Finally, one died down, while the other kept giggling quietly to herself. "Well White, if you actually did your homework you wouldn't have this problem." May blurted out with a warm-hearted laugh, which only caused White to scowl even more. "Now listen you-"

    "Hi guys!" The chirpy cheer of a pig tailed brunette made Leaf look up, the two next to her going through their usual banter, one giggling while the other scowled in flustered disarray. The pig tailed girl skipped over with a happy smile, seating herself next to Leaf, and placing her umbrella in an old pipe in the roof, standing it on end. "Hi Lyra." Leaf smiled and playfully flicked some water onto her face, causing her to giggle in glee.

    "Hey guys, speaking of which, did you notice Green wasn't here today?" Lyra spoke up, catching the other twos attention. May looked just as confused, or rather indifferent as Leaf did, while White just stared in shock and some disbelief, one eyebrow raised. "What? Who cares, I didn't know you payed attention to that loser." The pony tailed girl spoke up, her eyes narrowed and confused at her sudden question.

    "H-Hey I don't! I just heard some people talking about it and..."
    The others voices just seemed to cloud up in Leaf's head for a moment, before easing out as mist, leaving only the sound of the rain over the umbrellas for her to think in. Green Oak.


    It wasn't that she didn't like him, or at least she guessed so. She'd never hung around him long enough to determine what sort of person he was. Leaf walked down the sidewalk on the street, her feet tapping against the soaking ground, causing small splashes as she walked. She'd thought about that for a good portion of the day, when she wasn't busy studying. 

    She'd never put this much thought into him before, but for some reason, this day, she felt like she had nothing better to think about. Leaf talked to him, once or twice, the only thing she remembered was his signature smirk and flirty attitude, although she never payed him any mind otherwise. 

    She knew, for a fact, just as everyone else did, that he was one of the most popular people in school. Girls fawned over him, boys aimed to be like him, although the teachers disliked him, and others just seemed to know his name. However, despite all this, the main reason she knew who he was, was the fact that his apartment was two floors above hers. No one else knew, she knew he thanked God for that, otherwise he'd be kicked out for his mailbox overloading with letters and gifts. 


    The brunette skipped down the stairs with her basket full of laundry, simply wearing her large sweater and shorts, humming a quiet tune to herself. She could only thank the Lord they had a laundry mat on the bottom floor, down the hall, otherwise she would have to haul her laundry 7 blocks down to the nearest dry cleaner. 

    Holding the basket between her hip and her arm, Leaf smoothed her hair back, taking her middle-combed bangs out of her eyes for a few moments, giving her a chance to reach into her pocket, pulling out whatever change she had left in there. Her fingers fumbled around for a moment, before finding a few coins.

    Her lips only pulled into a frown when she saw a few pennies, and a dime. "Dammit."

    "Need some change?"

    A males voice made her look up, seeing a young man, taller than her, but looked about the same age. His eyes were a bright green, and his hair messy, with spikes in it. He was attractive, she would admit that much, some heat rising up to her cheeks. "I was about to go back up to my room to get some." 

    He let out a snarky laugh, much to her confusion, before he reached his hand forward, twirling his fingers behind her ear, before pulling his hand back, pressing two quarters between his finger and thumb, a smirk painted over his face. "Too long of a walk for that. I'm Green." His smirk grew slightly wider, placing them in her delicate hand, and putting his in his pocket. "Want me to carry that for you?"

    "Impressive, but no thanks, I have it." She gave him a small smile, walking past him over to where the machines were, and putting her basket down. "And thanks for the quarters, I'm Leaf." She mumbled with a smile, introducing herself out of courtesy. She had no interest in him after all, probably just another alcoholic weirdo that lived in her building. She didn't pay any mind to him as she put her clothes into the washer, though she did note him walking to the other side of her, leaning against the washers with his hands in his pockets. "Leaf, huh?" He said, the smirk still on his face, before it slowly faded, and then curved downward.

    "Wait, you don't happen to go to the school not far from here, do you?"

    His toned sounded a little off to her; it sounded confused, surprised, and slightly shocked and desperate. It made her turn her head, looking at his emerald eyes. "...Uhm...Yeah I do, why?"

    She got more confused by the second.

    First, he went from having a confused and rather scared look in his eyes, to one of shock. It looked like his pride had been stabbed in its gut and then run over by a truck, yet she didn't know why. Soon, he cleared his throat roughly, awkwardly stuffing his hands back into his pockets. "Then uh...please don't tell anyone I live here."

    She fell silent.



    Only now she truly understood why, now, that he had such a strange request within the first ten minutes of them meeting. She could also pinpoint why his pride hurt so much, and why he asked if she went there.

    Why am I putting so much thought into this...

It wasn't until she almost lost her footing, until she realized that she was making a rather sick, scrunched up face while thinking over the whole thing. Leaf pinched her eyes shut and moved her eyebrows to change her face back to normal, before breathing out, exhausted. "I should just go home and take a bath." She mumbled, walking down the storming sidewalk.

    It was then when she actually looked up, seeing the building on the street where her apartment was.

    It was the same as always, flowers being pelted by the rain, the roof-pipe gushing water out into a puddle on the side of the house. Thunder cracked and rumbled above her with lightening flashed, a dog in the house a few blocks down barking at nothing. The only difference, was the spiky haired, green eyed boy standing out in the rain, wearing only his jeans and a t-shirt, digging through his mail box out on the street, soaking wet. 

    And as much as she had a habit of ignoring him, she knew he was shivering cold. 

    "You should really bring an umbrella if you come out here." 

    Her voice made his head perk up, turning to the right to see her, an immediate smirk spread over his face, taking the mail out of his box and closing it shut. "Hey you. Leaf, right?" He asked, raising one eyebrow, making her smile a little. "That's me. Why are you out in the cold and rain? You'll get sick." They had to talk rather loud, to be able to hear one another over the heavy sound of rain and thunder, each of them saying "what?" and "huh?" a few times, while the other had to repeat what they said twice.

    Her tone sounded a little more like a scolding than anything else, causing a small frown to cover his lips. "So? It's an occupational hazard. Besides, I'm o-only out here for 10 minutes, it wont make a difference." Green used his hand to smooth his hair back, feeling it just slip through his fingers and fall back in his face, his soaking bangs dripping down his skin. "A-And you're one to talk, your umbrella has a hole in it." 

    It didn't take a genius to note his obvious stuttering, or to see the goosebumps on his arms, or his shaking hands for that matter. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly, though she didn't care for him in particular, if there was someone that needed help, she would help them without a doubt. Especially the stupid ones, such as the boy in front of her. "Green, are you alright?" 

    Her sentence made him stiff. He wanted to cough, or scowl, sneeze, something. It was taking every ounce of his power to prevent himself from doing that in front of anyone. It was a reason to skip school today, so he milked that excuse dry. But his arrogance and rash actions mislead him, as they always did, and he felt as if it was a good idea to check his mailbox without even a jacket.
    He felt dizzy, and lightheaded, and he didn't know if he had full control over his body, but there was one thing he did know; it was cold as hell.

    "M-Me? Y-Y-Yeah I..." He mumbled, before his faked smirk began to fall off his face, and he felt his eyes starting to close. Oh dammit. "I-I...I'm...fine-"


She had absolutely no idea what was happening, but next thing she knew, he was face down on the dripping pavement, out cold, and all she could do is gawk in complete horror and shock. "GREEN??!"

    Maybe today was not a good day.
Sick Days and Thunderstorms 1
here it is. here it is yep there we go chapter 1 here we gooo
there we have white. and may and lyra and leaf couple of stupid idiots my babies i love all four of them
i am vervyevryyvr sorry if this is stupid or shitty or rushed ecause it is 1 am wwwwoow enjoy
rain sounds to listen to while u read
    It came to no surprise to her when she heard the sound of rain above her head. Just a second before it seemed just fine, yet, as she made her way down the hallway, towards the door, the sound of rain became heavier and heavier, until she stood face to face will the pouring wall of water that waiting just outside the protection of the building.

    The droplets of water crashed down upon the metal, extending roof of her school, a leak in the ceiling dripping down, and falling into the puddle it created below, splashing water up onto her light brown leg warmers. A loud crash of thunder and lightening filled the sky for a second, which merely flashed over her coffee brown eyes, not earning a twitch or jolt from her. 

    The only thing to snap her out of her daze, completely ignoring the cheery laughter and conversations of her fellow students around her, was the gross feeling of the mossy rain water soaking into her shoes. The minute she felt the water soaking into her socks, her head jerked up, and then slowly turned downwards towards the floor with a small groan. She shook her foot to hopefully rid her shoe of the liquid, but to no avail.

    "Aw, damn." Leaf winced in discomfort, before quietly sighing, as she lifted her beat up, faded, dark red umbrella up, and popped it open with a snap. She adjusted her bag strap on her shoulder, before skipping over the puddle, and began to walk.

    Leaf was 16 years old, living in a small apartment, in a small city. This town was strange, as some people would call it. People from other places drove through it now and again, but not many cared to move there. Who would, after all - it was dark there, nearly every day. The sun barely shined in the sky, no one had ever seen the street pavement dry in months, perhaps a year. It was a rather odd town - it rained 334 days of the year, and snowed the other 31. Yet, the people who lived there(such as herself) would never move to any other place.

    Though the atmosphere was dark, dreary, rather cold, and miserable, the people were anything but.

    It was rare to see anyone with anything but a frown on their faces. Almost every house in any given neighborhood had a lush garden planted around their houses, and the most important fashion accessory - was an umbrella. Many people of all ages walked along the soaking streets, their umbrellas lighting up the atmosphere more than any bolt of lightening could ever hope. The streets were decorated with parasols of green, pink, blue, and yellow; designs of flowers, tree tops, polka dots, and lollipops decorated each and every one. 

    It brought a smile to her face everyday, seeing the residents of that city walking along, birds chirping in the tree tops, as thunder and rain poured down all around them. 

    As for Leaf, well, she was just as happy as every other person living there. 

    The constant cold and wet came with some downsides, obviously, with the dreadful threat of pneumonia hanging over your head if you didn't dress according to the weather, or if your method of rain protection happens to rip. Yes, it was often that people got sick. At least 4 people everyday at school were absent due to it. 

    Others, however, after years of getting sick over and over, some managed to build up a stronger immune system. Leaf didn't remember the last time she ever got sick because of the rain.

    As for the high school she went to, many of the teenagers were good kids, kind, respectful, yet some possessed the mischievous gleam in their eye. Her best friend was at school everyday, the teachers were nice to her, and other than the fact that Leaf happened to live a floor or two below the most popular young man in school, she hadn't a single complaint about her life.
Sick Days and Thunderstorms -Prologue-
AHAHAHahaH DID I SAY I WOULD REDO HALCYON DAYS ?????????????????? YES ???????????????/ WEll hheheha im doing this first i thiink hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa DO ANY OF YOU KNOW HO LONG THIS HASBEEN SITTING IN MY "redo me u fucker" FOLDER???????? ALMOST ???? 2 YEARS ?????????????? WOw:iconimsotiredplz:


yep here it is here we go guys were doing this again here we GO. for those of u who readmy other beginner shitty one know whats commin hueheHEUHE :iconimsotiredplz:
for those of you who didnt......................i...this is conflictingshipping thats all i will say
some points about this here:iconimsotiredplz:
-im sorry i
-will probably last hhhh maybbeee.................6-12 chapters??? maybe less???? who knows hahahahaaaaa
-extremely fluffy. you know mareep? fluffier.
-im sorry this is horrible late i am the queen of late
-school au?? yes. lame right. no.
-other characters will make minor appearances be excited
-i wrote this listening to this maybe reading while doing so will help i recomend a lot u can picture it way easierrr
-updates may be slow. updates may be fast we dont know
-thank u for putting up w my shit Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 

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